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Blog Tour + Book Review ‘The Uncrossing’ ~ Melissa Eastlake

The Uncrossing Cover The Uncrossing by Melissa Eastlake

Publication Date: October 2, 2017

Publisher: Entangled Teen

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Blurb: Luke can uncross almost any curse—they unravel themselves for him like no one else. So working for the Kovrovs, one of the families controlling all the magic in New York, is exciting and dangerous, especially when he encounters the first curse he can’t break. And it involves Jeremy, the beloved, sheltered prince of the Kovrov family—the one boy he absolutely shouldn’t be falling for.

Jeremy’s been in love with cocky, talented Luke since they were kids. But from their first kiss, something’s missing. Jeremy’s family keeps generations of deadly secrets, forcing him to choose between love and loyalty. As Luke fights to break the curse, a magical, citywide war starts crackling, and it’s tied to Jeremy.

This might be the one curse Luke can’t uncross. If true love’s kiss fails, what’s left for him and Jeremy?


The Uncrossing is a delightful read with fairytale-esque elements, a dash of mafia like family feuds fuelled with magic and a whole lot of romance.

There’s no curse Luke can’t uncross but the one on Jeremy is like nothing he’s seen before. This affinity sees Luke working for the Kovrov’s and working closely with Jeremy.

I love the way magic exists in The Uncrossing, it’s our world with magic in it so it was easy to imagine all this taking place. Everyone has a different skill with magic and its not limitless in what it can do, grounding it in the real world. I loved the family element as well. There are several powerful families, including the Kovrov’s, that control territories in New York. There’s tensions and feuding between them, most notable between the Kovrov’s and the Malcolm’s.

I loved the family dynamics explored in The Uncrossing. The bonds between Luke and his twin sister, Jeremy and his brothers, etc were well explored and its not all perfect but not all bad either. The relationships were really well nuanced.

At the heart of it all was the relationship between Luke and Jeremy, the best part. Jeremy has been in love with Luke since he was a boy, Luke was perhaps a little slower on the uptake. Despite the fact that Jeremy has been in love for a while, it isn’t instalove or rushed. I like how natural their relationship was there were ups and downs and some misunderstandings. But all were understandable given what both boys were dealing with and the curse hanging over them. But gah! they were so sweet and if you like sweet with a lot of kissing this is for you!

The Uncrossing really picked up around the 60% mark, the beginning wasn’t slow in a bad way but it was necessary to lay the scene and the build up was done really well. There was an element of mystery, for a lot of the book it was clear something was up but you don’t know exactly what and there are twists and turns.

That ending though, THAT ENDING. OMG. I really loved how the conclusion was handled, they were successful but not and it wasn’t all solved completely and served with a bow. But the very end really surprised, I did not see that coming. At first I was like ‘HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO US?!’ but after about 5 minutes I actually fell in love with it, it was so well done.

★ four stars ★

*ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

About the Author


Melissa Eastlake’s debut novel, The Uncrossing, is coming in 2017 from Entangled Teen. She lives in Athens, Georgia with her partner and their dog.

Find Melissa Eastlake:
Twitter ~ here
Website ~ here

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I am just one of the stops on the blog tour presented by Entangled Teen and
hosted by Chapter by Chapter for The Uncrossing by Melissa Eastlake. The tour runs from the 2nd to the 13th of October and all the stops and blogs involved can be found on the full schedule here.





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