Unboxing The Book Forest Crate ~ Honey, I’m Home

On yesterday I received my first (and the first) ever Book Forest Crate box and it was stunning! The Book Forest Crate is a new bi-monthly book box subscription service. It’s run by two lovely book fairies from Adelaide, Australia. I stumbled upon these guys on Instagram, fell in love and promptly preordered the first box.

If you happen to live in Adelaide The Book Forest Crate will be hand-delivered by the book forest fairies (free of charge)! Which also means they aren’t damaged or scuffed in transit, which has happened with other book boxes (and parcels in general) I have received.

So without further ado here is my unboxing of the ‘Honey, I’m Home’ box!


First up everything about this box is gorgeous, it’s been wrapped with so much care and so beautifully I almost didn’t want to open it!

On the box is a little letter that says ‘Read me before unboxing’ and it’s just so so cute. It’s a handwritten note from the fairies and it’s just such a lovely touch.

Opening it up the first thing you see is the card with the monthly theme and the details of what’s included in the box.


The first item included in the box is a a jar of vanilla body scrub which smells divine and a natural mix of sugars, coconut oil and vanilla extract. It is handmade in Adelaide by Zielles.


Up next is a reusable straw and an adorable honey dipper. I really love the focus on sustainability and supporting local businesses.

The box included a candle created by Fragrant Fables and was inspired by the book. I absolutely love bookish candles and this one is no exception.


Inspired by the theme of the box two recipes made with honey were included and I’m going to have to make myself these asap because they both sound delicious!

The final item, asides from the book, included in the box was an incredible art print developed by Christabel Ballard, one of the book forest fairies. This lovely print is a photo of Adelaide, well part of at least!


And last but not least the book itself! This sounds incredible and I can’t wait to dive in.


This was such a lovely box and so well put together. I’m already eagerly awaiting the day the next box goes on sale.

The art print is already up on display!

Do you purchase book boxes? If so which is your favourite?

Find The Book Forest Crate
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