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An End of Year Wrap-Up

Somehow another year has been and gone – seemingly in the blink of an eye and yet an eternity in other ways. I discovered some new favourites, got completely let down by some anticipated reads and then disappeared off the face of the Earth whilst finally watching The Untamed and reading the source novel, Mó Dào Zǔ Shī (still haven’t recovered from that tbh).

I set my Goodreads goal as 2 books this year so needless to say I completed it on the 3rd or so of Jan. I actually found that doing that really helped. The year before I had set my goal at 65ish and I found that added pressure and made me feel like I had to be reading instead of reading because I want to. I still struggled a bit with focusing on read at my own pace and picking up what I wanted to read – since starting this blog I’ve often felt like I needed to be reviewing books regularly (and therefore reading a lot) and like I had to stay up to date with the latest releases. So for the new year I am going to be focusing on reading for fun and whatever pace that may be rather than reading from a place of ‘shit I need to be writing and publishing blog content’ etc. 

Disappointing Reads of 2019

I’m going to start with a couple of disappointing reads so that we can then move onto the good stuff and end the post on a high note.

40024139First off and perhaps the biggest disappointment for me personally was Serpent & Dove. I was so so hyped for this one and had heard such great things about it. I had expected to love it based on that and the tropes – but alas it was a let down to put it mildly afskdf. My mini review.


Another one I was wanting to love but didn’t was We Are Blood and Thunder. It sounded so good but just left me feeling iffy. My review.


Favourite Sequels

9781509879540There were some great sequels out this year. We were blessed to get The Name of All Things – the sequel for The Ruin of Kings – in the same year book one released and it was amazing! Words cannot describe how much I love Kihrin, Teraeth and Janel. Next year we only get book three, The Memory of Souls but it’s going to be worth every second of waiting. My review for The Name of All Things.


I got to read The Electric Heir – sequel to The Fever King – this year and HOLY GODS y’all are not ready. It’s just so brilliant, I tried writing a decent review so many times but ended up just flailing with the amount of emotions it made me feel. My review.


New Loves

I discovered more than a few new favourite books and authors this year.

One of the one’s I really want to highlight is T Frohock and her Los Nefilim books. I just love them so much – the characters Frohock created are *chefs kiss* Like I need people reading these books. I’m also really excited to read Miserere: An Autumn Tale. It’s a standalone not connected to Los Nefilim and I have no doubt I’ll love it as well.

My Reviews/posts for Los Nefilim, Where Oblivion Lives and Carved From Stone and Dream:
Five Reason to Read ~ Los Nefilim by T. Frohock
Book Review ‘Where Oblivion Lives’ ~ T. Frohock
Book Review ‘Carved From Stone and Dream’ ~ T Frohock

40522814My entire year was made when I was sent an arc of Docile by KM Szpara. I fucking cannot describe how much I love this book and his short stories. Like it’s so so good and I get jealous at everyone who gets to read them for the first time. My review for Docile will be up soon but know you have to read this.


Down the MDZS Rabbit Hole

qorz5cThe end of this year also saw me descend into hell – also as two weeks binging The Untamed (all 50 episodes) followed by a week binging Mó Dào Zǔ Shī (the book The Untamed is based on which is like 500k words long). 


It wrecked me emotionally like?? I will never recover from this. This chaotic bisexual and his husband (THEY HAVE A SON!!!) are what make life worth living. Huge shout out to Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books – I’d had my eye on the show for a little while to check out but it was thanks to Silvia’s enthusiasm that I started it and then dived straight into the novel (which I might have missed out on the joy of discovering it without her). Definitely check out Silvia post that I’ve linked to if you’re keen to know more about MDZS and The Untamed – she does a great job explaining it.

Summing up…..

It’s been a great reading year over all – there’s been so many great books, new discoveries and new obsessions. Who knows what the new year will bring but I hope it filled with even more wonderful books!

What your reading year been like? Discover any new favourites yourself?

Until next time x

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50 Bookish Questions

Hello hello! Another non-review book post without a six month interlude? Is this me committing? It looks like my commitment to diversifying the types of posts I publish is actually holding this time.

I was tagged by the every lovely Laura @ The Book Corps to do the 50 bookish questions tag and I’m going to jump right in!

1) What was the last book you read?

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir aka lesbian necromancers in space!


2) Was it a good one?

It was! It did take me a little while to get into it and at one point I was wondering if I’d over hyped it to myself but I ended up really enjoying it, the ending in particular was amazing.

3) What made it good?

The characters. Muir created some absolutely fantastic characters and Gideon, in particular is snarky and ballsy and brilliant.

4) Would you recommend it to other people?


5) How often do you read?

I’ve always got a least one book on the go and I try to read a bit every day. Sometimes it’s more like every couple of days but definitely very regularly regardless.

6) Do you like to read?

Given that last year I read around 60 books according to Goodreads and have a blog where I review books I can confidently say I do love to read.

7) What was the last bad book you read?

That would be Across The Void by S.K. Vaughn (2 stars)

8) What made you dislike it?

It was just really boring – 50 pages in it had felt like I had read 1000 and there were still 400 pages to go. That and none of the characters were remotely likeable or compelling in anyway.

9) Do you wish to be a writer?

Yes, I’ve often had ideas and started to write things and dream of publishing a book, my problem is commitment and the fact that I get bored easily so I start stories but never finish them.

10) Has any book ever influenced you greatly?

A number and as soon as I read that question my mind decided to blank on every book I’ve ever read 😅

11) Do you read fan-fiction?

Absolutely! I love fanfiction, the skill of fanfic writers is astonishing. I read a lot of ‘fix-it’ fics for shows I’ve loved but hated the direction they took it or treated a character.

12) Do you write fan-fiction?

No, when it comes to fanfic I love to read it but never felt the urge to read any.

13) What is your favourite book?

See my answer for question 10 😅 To name a few; Runebinder, Amberlough, The Wicker King, The Fever King, Where Oblivion Lives, Captive Prince, Wolfsong, Docile, Godblind, The Ruin of Kings, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo……and the list continues

14) What is your least favourite book?

I tend to dnf books I don’t like/seek out the ones I do think I’ll love so I’m not one with a huge list of hated books but one of the most recent 1 star ratings was for All These Beautiful Strangers, just no.

15) Do you prefer physical books or reading on a device (like Kindle)?

I prefer paperbacks but read a lot on my kindle if its a book, in any form, I’ll take it!

16) When did you learn to read?

Fuck if I can remember 😅, probably when I was young – my parents did read to me/encourage reading so I would have been very young.

17) What is your favourite book you had to read in school?

I hated all the books I had to read in school asfhskjdfh

18) What is your favourite book series?

Most of the books I listed in the answer to question 13 are also series so Runebinder, Amberlough, The Fever King, Where Oblivion Lives, Captive Prince, Wolfsong, Godblind, The Ruin of Kings among others

Who is your favourite author?


20) What is your favourite genre?

Fantasy hands down – if I was only allowed to read within one genre for the rest of my life it’d be that

21) Who is your favourite character from a series?

Khirin D’Mon gets a shout out for this questions (from The Ruin of Kings). An ultimate disaster bisexual if ever there were – I love him.

22) Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

Most of my favourite books will have done that, anything I can sink into for a few hours and forget myself and this world for a little while (they tend to be fantasy most of the time, but not always!)

23) Which book do you wish had a sequel?

Blood Divine by Greg Howard, I need more in that world!!!

24) Which book do you wish didn’t have a sequel?

This is obviously a personal opinion and I don’t plan on reading it when it comes out but I’m not sure why Enchantee is getting a sequel when it was so slow I feel like, depending on what book two is about, you could have cut a lot from book one and combined them because it was so damn slow.

25) How long does it take you to read a book?

Totally depends on the book and what my commitments are looking like at the time – I once finished a 900 page book in just over 24 hours, other times it’s taken a month to force myself to finish a 300 page book.

26) Do you like when books become movies?

Yes because I always like seeing this on screen even if it doesn’t match what I imagined. I do wish that more adaptions would be TV shows though because I feel like that’s a better format for books, and series in particular.

27) Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?

Eragon. It was one of my favourite early teenage years books and 13 years later I am still made at that fucking mess of a movie, I don’t think the people behind it even read the books just borrowed the names because it was bad. Bad.

28) Which movie has done a book justice?

Even though I’ve enjoyed some I don’t think any stand at as having done them justice, I tend to view adaptions as completely separate from the books to avoid the disappointment if its bad *cough*Eragon*cough* – I learned from that mistake.

29) Do you read newspapers?

I almost never do.

30) Do you read magazines?

I didn’t as a kid, these days not so much. If I do at all it’s either Frankie or Pepermint so I’m at least not losing braincells.

31) Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?

Neither really.

32) Do you read while in bed?

No, I get sleepy if I do ajkfbhskjd

33) Do you read while on the toilet?


34) Do you read while in the car?

Sometimes but I mainly drive myself these days so I don’t much anymore – since I do enjoy living for all it’s complications.

35) Do you read while in the bath?


36) Are you a fast reader?

Definitely and with a book I am really, really enjoying absolutely.

37) Are you a slow reader?

Only if I’m really hating the book.

38) Where is your favourite place to read?

On the couch next to the window, with the sunshine and a cat!

39) Is it hard for you to concentrate when you read?

If there’s background noise it can be – if some one has the TV on I have to move to a different room or stop.

40) Do you need a room to be silent while you read?

Very close to it!

41) Who gave you your love for reading?

I’m assuming my parents since they were always encouraging.

42) What book is next on your list to read?

I’m a mood reader so it’s often in flux but a few I want to get to soon are; Miserere by Teresa Frohock, There Will Come A Darkness by Katy Rose Pool, The Poppy War by RF Kuang, The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht, The Priory of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

43) When did you start to read chapter books?

I literally don’t remember much about anything I was doing under 13 so I’m assuming a fairly average age.

44) Who is your favourite children’s book author?

I loved the Lioness Rampant series by Tamora Pierce as a kid (though thats more middle grade).

45) Which author would you most want to interview?

Anna Stephens and the interview would consist of the question WHY????? about Bloodchild.

46) Which author do you think you would be friends with?

I don’t know I always get shy thinking about talking to authors ajfhsjf

47) What book have you reread the most?

Captive Prince is probably the most read, and Vampire Academy when I was younger.

48) Which books do you consider ‘classics’?

There’s your standard old time-y classics (which tend to be heavily bigoted in some or all ways) but I think there’s some more recent books that should be considered classics for what they bring.

49) Which books do you think should be taught in every school?

Definitely The Hate U Give and just about any book that isn’t the awful old ones they make you read in English and pretty much guarantee kids will hate reading.

50) Which books should be banned from all schools?

Given that banning books generally comes up around diverse books I don’t really think banning books is a good thing but some of the racist ones can go tbh and here’s hoping John B*yne’s transphobic book is never taught in schools.


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Five Star Book Predictions

Hello, hello!

It’s been a little while since my last non-book review/waiting on Wednesday post – since early July in fact – woops 😅
It seems every few months I commit to doing a wider variety of posts and then proceed to not do anything about it….until now! This ‘Five Star Book Predictions’ post is inspired by the very wonderful Jami @ jamishelves – click on the link to see her post.

The idea behind this is to pick five books from my tbr I believe could be five star reads, so read on to find out which books I am hoping will be new favourites!

The Empire of Gold by SA Chakraborty


The City of Brass and The Kingdom of Copper sit among my favourite books. The ending of The Kingdom of Copper left me on tenterhooks to find out what happens next. Given how much I loved the first two books, I can’t see this one being any different even if it does destroy me. 

Find on Goodreads



Bloodchild by Anna Stephens


Another trilogy drawing to a close, with Bloodchild continuing on from Godblind & Darksoul. I fucking love these books. They are intense, brutal and so so good. I barely survived Darksoul and to be honest I don’t think I’ll even survive Bloodchild but I will love every single minute of it.

Find on Goodreads



Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin


Honestly I’ve been excited for this for a while now and I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing. Witches, enemies-to-lovers, the book being a chonky boi, a ridiculously beautiful cover – it’s all there.

Find on Goodreads




Crier’s War by Nina Varela

41951626._SY475_Crier’s War is one of my most anticipated reads of 2019. It sounds and looks amazing and I have a feeling it’s going to live up to the hype!

F/F, enemies to lovers, fantasy, super slow burn – I need it!

Find on Goodreads



The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons43255070

Kihrin is my smol disaster bi son and I just need him, Teraeth and all the others back in my life. The Ruin of Kings is one of my favourite books and Lyons jumped onto my favourite authors list with this book. I have no doubt The Name of All Things will be a masterpiece.

Find on Goodreads



Most of these are to-be-released titles so next time I check in once I’ve read these, I might do some already released ones. Are you excited for any of these? What are some of your five star predictions?

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Best of….2018

The end of another year is upon us and I don’t know about anyone else but it seems to have gone in the blink of an eye and felt like forever as well. As of a few days ago I hit my Goodreads goal of 60 books so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites in 2018. This isn’t even all of them because I could wax lyrical for days about my favourites so considered this the abridged version!

Disclaimer: I’m reading a couple books at the moment that I’ll finish before the end of the year that are shaping up to be amazing so this isn’t an exhaustive list nor were all of them published in 2018 but I thought I’d share a few of the ones I’ve read and loved this year.

The Fever King by Victoria Lee


People, you are not ready for this book. It is amazing. Disaster gays, magic like you’ve never seen it before, spellbinding storytelling. Dara Shirazi.

Find my full review here: X


Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly

AmberloughI still can’t believe I only discovered the wonder that is this book this year when it feels like it’s been a part of my soul forever. Decadent, sumptuous. Aristide Makricosta could murder me with his stiletto and I’d say thank you.

Find my full review here: X


Godblind by Anna Stephens

GodblindBloody, brutal and oh so brilliant. Godblind is such a fantastic grimdark fantasy, it swept me up and refused to let go. Where gods walk amongst men and the Fox God rises.

Find my full review here: X


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

51hcBK1TlWLHow is it even possible to sum up just how much I loved this. It broke my heart, mended it and then broke it again. There are times when I have to remind myself that Evelyn Hugo is only fiction and the world seem a little dimmer.

Find my full review here: X


Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling

515YIGx3dmL._SX301_BO1,204,203,200_This book was published when I was two years old and yet somehow I have only started it this year. But not matter because there is a sort of magic in discovering a new favourite 22 years after it was first published. Old school epic fantasy with queer leads and none of the bigotry that is still all to present at times in the genre.

Find my full review here: X

Circe by Madeline Miller

9781408890073Miller is truly a wordsmith and there is little I can say that would do Circe justice.

‘When I was born, the name for what I was did not exist.’

Find my full review here: X


Honourable mentions:

~ Blackout by Kit Mallory: X
~ White Rabbit by Caleb Roehrig: X
~ Social Intercourse by Greg Howard: X
~ City of Lies by Sam Hawke: X

What were some of your favourites of 2018?

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So many books, so little time: trimming that TBR pile

As a lot of us readers are no doubt familiar with there are so many books and yet so little time. In facts there’s some 130 million books in existence today and that’s only counting books from recent history. Bookworms can be an ambitious bunch but at some point we all have to face the reality that we will always have a tbr pile, no matter how many books we read there will be more waiting.

In light of this I’ve spent sometime combing through my Goodreads want-to-read shelf and thought I’d share some of the books I decided to pull from my shelves. These are books that I feel apathetic about or ones I added years ago but my changing reading habits mean that I’m no longer interested in. It’s also about learning not to feel guilty about not wanting to reading certain books as well!

If you love these books don’t feel bad or that you need to defend them! This isn’t a negative post but rather clearing space on the shelf so to speak. But do feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad, about the books. Who knows maybe this post has a new favourite you are about to discover!

So here are just a selection of the books I removed from my Goodreads shelf.

Remind Me How This Ends ~ Gabrielle Tozer

29564838I added this book back in 2016. When I first started getting involved in the online book community, in YA in particular, I noticed that contemporary was a predominant genre. And whilst I have read some great ones it isn’t really my thing and so I’m unlikely to ever get to this book.


Three Sides of a Heart: Stories about Love Triangles ~ anthology

26837046On one hand I love the idea of anthologies, on the other I don’t think I have ever read one cover to cover? I might read one from a particular author but that’s generally it. There’s a lot of amazing authors in this one, including several I’ve read and loved, but it’s just not piquing my interest anymore.


Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour ~ Morgan Matson

7664334I really enjoyed The Unexpected Everything as a light-hearted summer read, and Save the Date is on my shelf. Matson’s books (that I’ve read) are fun reads but I do find them very white and heterosexual and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself but when I read romances these days I prefer them to be more diverse in the cast of characters and a little more reflective of who I am.


Our Own Private Universe ~ Robin Talley

22082082I think I originally added this book for it’s queer rep and its lovely cover but a couple of reviewers who I trust talked about some of the bi-erasure that goes on and honestly I’m just not here for it.



Dreamology ~ Lucy Keating

25817310I was pretty excited for this when I first added it and I loved the cover, however when I read the blurb now I’m just not interested in it. It’s one of those ones that I don’t think I’d ever get around to reading now.



One of Us is Lying ~ Karen M. McManus

32887579I’ve heard good things about this book but I just don’t read a whole lot of mystery and if I do I’m quite picky. I read the first couple of chapters in a sampler but it didn’t hook me.



Caraval ~ Stephanie Garber

32930224I added this one at the time because there was a lot of hype around it but to be honest it just doesn’t capture my interest, not for any particular reason there’s just nothing that’s driving me to pick it up.



Do you clear out books from your GR shelves at all? What prompts you to remove a book?